Recommended distro(s) for easy building on Linux?

What’s a good Linux distro for a “painless” build of SC for development purposes? I see Travis CI is building on Trusty, but the docs say getting the right Qt on that one is slightly painful (requires 3rd party package).

And I also see that the “nighly” Linux builds made available use Arch Linux instead for some reason that’s no very clear to me. (No way to get the builds from Travis packaged?)

So, what distro do you “normally” use to do develop work on Linux?

I use Ubuntu Studio. As a non IT-Person I love the ease of it. Codecs, drivers and jack worked all out of the box. A lot of helpful controls and software come with the stock version. SC installs with apt get (if you don’t need to build), the plugins need to be build.

Building SC on Arch has been always a painless experience for me!


i use Arch almost exclusively now and it is quite nice to build there. we get a lot of tickets for issues encountered on Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch, so i can say for certain those flavours are well supported and should therefore be relatively easier to build on if you are using a recent release.

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I recently built on ubuntu studio following these
It went really smooth and found zero issues


FYI, In the 1900-word Arch install guide, I missed this

Complete the network configuration for the newly installed environment, that includes installing your preferred network management software.

Who would have thought a network based installer (pacstrap), which does setup network for itself will not do it for the target… (And who am I to think distros should just work…)

First an addition for people wanting to build from source on Ubuntu or other Debian derivatives: there is a nice quick script from lvm:

And then going a bit OT about arch (I promise I won’t go further with this):

I followed the installation guide and didn’t have any problem… and just for completeness, it does say you need to install networking software:

In particular, consider installing:

I’m sorry you got annoyed. I remember installing arch on a new computer four years ago, and I would say it was an involved process, but I would’t say I had suffered. I won’t go into pros and cons of Arch, even though I admit I’m very attached to it, e.g. because of how deep you can go, and how helpful the wiki has been to me while doing that. I would still recommend it as a natural progression from an OS like windows or macOS, to a more everything-ready-for-the-average-you distro like Ubuntu or Mint, to an OS that allows more control, requires more involvement, but still assists you in this process.

I didn’t use pacstrap, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Please don’t put down other people’s preferred software. This is the third time I’ve had to warn you about this. It’s not acceptable in this community. Find a better way to express yourself.

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I guess you must have installed your Arch a long time ago then. Because currently pacstrap is the only method recommended on their wiki.

Actually it wasn’t that long ago but the new method took out dhcpd with it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: