Recording problem Win 10

Hello, new user here.

I created a SynthDef that plays some sounds, when I hit the record button I get this message and no file is written inside the default path

→ localhost
Preparing recording on ‘localhost’
FAILURE IN SERVER /b_write failed
Recording channels [ 0, 1 ] …
path: ‘C:\Users\anton\OneDrive\Documenti\SuperCollider\Recordings\SC_240522_142004.wav’
Recording Stopped: (SC_240522_142004.wav)
→ localhost

Why is it trying to record to OneDrive? That has to be the problem.


hey thank you for your answer, how can I change the path?

To know the current recording path:


To change the recording path e.g.:

thisProcess.platform.recordingsDir = "~/Downloads".standardizePath

// or


Thank you.
Unfortunatelly changing directory made no difference same error

Could you test the following code block?

	var title, file, duration;
	title = "configured3";
	//file = thisProcess.nowExecutingPath.dirname +/+ title ++ ".wav";
	// <- only works after saving this code block in an SCD file.
	file = Platform.recordingsDir +/+ title ++ ".wav";
	duration = 4;
	SynthDef(\alarm2, { |out = 0, freq = 440|
		var signal, filter, env;
		env = Env.perc(0.01, 0.25).kr;
		signal = * env;
		filter = { |source, freq = 440, bwr = 0.001, amp = 1|, freq, bwr, amp)
		signal = filter.(signal, freq, 0.001, 9);, 3));
		signal = filter.(signal, freq, 0.5);, signal)


		\instrument, \alarm2,
		\freq, Pseq([2, 5, 10] + 83).midicps,
		\dur, Pseq([0.2, 0.2, 3])
	).record(file, "wav", "float", 1, duration);
		\linux,   { ("audacity" + file.quote).unixCmd },
		\osx,     { ("open -a Audacity" + file.quote).unixCmd; },
		\windows, { ("start" + "".quote
			+ "C:/Program Files (x86)/audacity/Audacity.exe".quote
			+ file.quote).unixCmd; }

Wow It worked!
Can you explain me how can I do that without always copying this code?
Thank you so much

under File, find Open startup file, then adjust the file path to what makes sense for your computer

for example, I have this in mine.

// adjust default recording folder
thisProcess.platform.recordingsDir = "E:/SC-recordings";

The following way I already mentioned

or the way @stwbass mentioned should work:

However, you wrote that you had no success with the way I mentioned. So I think @stwbass’ method might not work for you.

Could you attach a demo video? On Windows, you could take a screenshot as a video using Win+G or other tools.

@Sam_Pluta @Antongiulio_Giardino

On Windows 11, I have just tested recording in SC using the OneDrive path and it works fine:

  1. Evaluating Platform.recordingsDir returns:

    → C:\Users\pyoun\OneDrive\Documents\SuperCollider\Recordings

  2. Selecting ‘Start recording’ from the Server status bar returns:

    → localhost
    Preparing recording on ‘localhost’
    Recording channels [ 0, 1 ] …
    path: ‘C:\Users\pyoun\OneDrive\Documents\SuperCollider\Recordings\SC_240605_125439.wav’

  3. Evaluating x = {*0.1}.play returns:

    → Synth(‘temp__1’ : 1001)

  4. Evaluating returns:

    → Synth(‘temp__1’ : 1001)

  5. Selecting ‘Recording: 00:00:30’ from the Server status bar returns:

    Recording Stopped: (SC_240605_125439.wav)
    → localhost

  6. Evaluating Platform.recordingsDir.openOS returns:

    → C:\Users\pyoun\OneDrive\Documents\SuperCollider\Recordings

  7. I can find the file SC_240605_125439.wav and this file works fine!