Reducing the barrier for working groups contributing to documentation

Continuing the discussion from The Future of SuperCollider Development Efforts:

I think this might be possible, because it is possible, for example, to upload code from emacs or vscode directly into gist. Maybe there is a way to do something like this from the scide or a simple editor. This link could be sent to a person or group responsible for reviewing the documentation contributions. Maybe that would simplify a lot the barrier for those who have no reason to learn git, and the username of the original author would be preserved for further conversation. We just need a group responsible for specifically reviewing documentation.

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For a luddite like me who stubbornly stick to the IDE, and have to figure out a new password to github everytime i want to “star” something of interrest; Is there a simpler way to submit detailed fixes to the documentation? I do run across simple things in the code examples that are easily fixed, but still may be very, very frustrating for beginners. (I believe there still are some referenses to the file “sounds/a11wlk01.wav” that needs a simple search and replace across the Platform.helpDir).

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Why not just use the bug tracker for this? And the person who takes ownership of updating documentation could review it, discuss it with other people and then merge it when everyone was satisfied.

Adding a link to the bug tracker in the IDE would probably be a useful feature anyway.

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Would you please share it? (edit: the link you talk about) :grinning:

edit 2: FOUND it! But going the non-github route, will it reach someone with the credentials to fix it=

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We will still need to implement this. @Lukiss

I think a separate tracker just for documentation would work better. @cian The key think is to form the work group.