Release: SC OSX Standalone 3.10.4 Update

Hello all,

I have managed to update the standalone solution for OSX which had not been working since 3.7.

Not sure how but the QT library linking issue seems to be resolved and got it working again with minor changes! :grinning:

Get it here:

Haven’t tested much at this point so please report any issues on GitHub.

Best Wishes,



What is the advantage of your method vs. Alberto de Campo’s tutorial from 2017? The latter worked for me…

Hello Uri :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t tried Alberto’s method but the one thing I am quite confident you are getting is a simpler way to create a standalone that takes just a few minutes. I personally find it a more elegant design but its my project so my opinion doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be curious if there are any advantages using the other method so do let me know if you end up using it.



Hi Dionysis!
I couldn’t use your method because I don’t know how to use Platypus :wink: So there you have one major drawback. Maybe not so relevant to a lot of you with programming skills, but def a no go for us who are not very skilled at programming.

Ah, in the end use the method that suits you best of course :slightly_smiling_face: Having said that, I am a bit confused by your comment as Platypus does not require any programming at all. I have provided instructions of the few steps necessary. Could you tell me in which step you got stuck so I can make the instructions clearer?

To tell you the truth, I didnt even try that, bc it seems that your method doesnt resolve my main issue: the standalone is too many MB. When I made one in SC about 10 years ago, it was 16MB. With the new methods (yours and DeCampos), standalones are overt 200MB…That’s the main showstopper for me…

Ah, no worries. I think the main issue in terms of size is the QT frameworks folder. Maybe you can make one of the the standalones work without them (as long as you don’t need a GUI) though I am not sure.

You are a true hero, and solved all my issues in making a standalone. In my personal opinion, this method is way easier and more user-friendly than Alberto’s tutorial.

@urisala you literally just drop your code in the relevant folders, open Platypus and tell it to execute the script. give it a name and an .icns image and that’s it!

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