Request for testing: upgrading to C++17 standard

Hi all,

One of our goals for the 3.12.0 release was to upgrade to the C++17 standard to prepare for requirements of Qt 6 and to allow new C++ features and libraries to be used in the codebase. I have made a PR for this: Increase required C++ standard to C++17 by brianlheim · Pull Request #5396 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub.

I would like to request that people working on BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi try building this branch and see if it is possible on their current system. None of the people developing or reviewing this branch are able to at the moment, and I’d like to know in advance if this causes problems.

If you have time to test it out, please do.

If you don’t know how to check out a pull request from GitHub, instructions are here: Checking out pull requests locally - GitHub Docs.


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I can try building it on my pi setup now

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