Reverse Engineering this Csound Sound

Nothing fancy but a great great sounding mixture of oscillators. The high spectrum is really nice, and there is a little shift that i don’t get. Do someone would be able to reproduce - exactly - that in SC ? Could be a way to compare the sound of thoses 2 softwares. Thanks !

Do you have the csound orc / score that created this?

Josh Parmenter

Unfortunatly no… It is captured from a record, and it s not from me

its from Lee Frasers - Pline Expol A right?

Yes ! A great Csound record !

Have you reviewed the spectrogram?

Sonic Visualiser is a convenient tool for the task…

One of my favorite recent albums. Actually, students in my studio techniques class diffused that track and one of Nathan’s recent tracks in class today.

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