Reverse engineering this raspy rave texture


This is a extract from an old Bass Pumpers track : an effect applied to a vocal sample. I was wondering how this raspy but well define texture was made… Any idea ?

Thanks !

Sounds like some formant filtering on a pretty raw saw oscillator? You might try LPCSynth, tho it’s pretty unstable and finicky. It lets you extract the formant shape from one audio stream (the expectation is that it’s voice) and apply it to another (e.g. a saw oscillator).

Ok that’s great, but do you know first how I can make a LPC file from an audio sample ? Without it’s not possible to use LPCSynth… Thanks

Sorry, my bad - I think LPCAnalyzer is the self-contained one that take two input signals. Looking at some old code of mine, it seems like I used higher p and n values (e.g., sig, 1024, 60)).