Rhythm Density Function

i hope you are all doing fine.
I spend the time in quarantine so far to read some papers by renick bell about rhythm density functions for live coding.
I used L-Systems for experimenting with pitch information so far, see my first post in the forum: L-System Dictionary Sublist Help.
I was mainly interested in different composing techniques like augmentation or permutation, inspired by classical minimalists or current ones like caterina barbieri at that time.
But i had a hard time using L-Systems strategically in my composing process and found myself prewriting the melody in the pitch arrays. not very handy neither convincing in terms of algorithmic composition. I also wanted to step back from tonal composition.

Long story short:
I then started to use the Prewrite Pattern Class to experiment with drum rythms and would like to implement renick bells rhythm density idea. Is there anybody who is doing this in SC?
Maybe with the ability to control a density parameter manually or having access to different arrays with dur information and shift between them gradually.

The first pieces i made in SC have been all recorded and arranged afterwards. I see this as a first step to get away from a linear timeline in the DAW.
thanks and stay safe!

Maybe an experiment I did last year would be interesting to you?

edit: this experiment was about composing minimal music with L-Systems, not about rhythms

thanks a lot.
i will investigate :slight_smile: