Richard Devine power

Hi community,

Richard Devine is preparing another amazing release

I have a question, after trying unsuccessfully to reproduce the phased lead we hear at 1:30 I come to ask you all in case someone would have a clue how to do it.

the code below clips a little and get as close as I could get to it

/// goes from up to down (MouseY) with the mouse

~b2 = Buffer.alloc(s,48000,1);

SynthDef(\example, {arg flangefreq=0.3, fdback=(-1),in,tS=1,dur,out=0,flangMod,ph=1.6;

		var input, effect;

	input=,   1096));

		input= input+;

		effect=,0.02,,20),ph,0.005,0.005));*effect);, ,
					,,4000),,6) ),,0),0.6),1.6).range(0.0008,0.02)
			,,1200),0.5	)
			*0.008  !2 /**[1,1],[dur,0]),timeScale: tS,doneAction: 2)*/);

I did message the artist and waiting to hear back but nearly sure this is done via hardwares so yeah what about SC ^^

Thanks !

This looks like the set he did for FluCoMa… did you see that here:

There is also the fantastic @Sam_Pluta earlier in the gig, and @ecila and Chris Keifer opened the gig, so SC was well represented :slight_smile:

In all cases, for Richard’s sound design, I’m sure it is very highly hybrid as he explains in this video:

I hope this helps untangle it all :smiley:


im gonna check theses resources thank you ^^

It is a true source of inspiration, going rethink the main way to build leads in songs for a more organic overProcessed approach =DDDD

i got an answer from Richard Devine explaining

the Odessa additive oscillator running through a modcan dual phaser

what a legend, <3


is there an implementation of the Odessa for SC?