Route audio from SC into DAW (Windows)

For OS X there is a program known as Soundflower which works quite well.

Does anyone know of a similar setup for Windows?

To get SC into Ableton?

hey, im using Jack for Audio from SC to Ableton Live 11.
Im always wondering how one would even work in SC without being able to route Audio / Midi back and forth from some DAW. Seems to cause a lot of trouble. Would be really great if there would be a guide for setting it up. this is essential imo.

EDIT: i dont have time right now, but maybe i can come up with a guide in the next weeks.

If you use a full featured mixing framework (e.g. ddwMixerChannel quark), then you can do rather a lot in SC without a DAW.


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You could try VB Cable at VB-Audio Virtual Apps. I’ve used it and it worked fine for what I tried, though I can’t say I’ve put it through rigorous paces. Anyway, since Reaper is my DAW and comes with ReaRoute, that’s my typcial approach if I want to pipe directly into the DAW. But most of the time I record from SC and arrange/mix/master in Reaper, so piping into the DAW isn’t that big of a benefit for me. All depends on your workflow. By default ReaRoute has 16 audio channels which could make 8 stereo pairs, but you can edit a config file to take it up to 64. Omri Cohen has a youtube video about that config edit, a quick search would pull it up. Edit: BTW I have read posts by people who used ReaRoute with Ableton - it’s an ASIO driver that ships with Reaper for Windows but it doesn’t require you actually use Reaper.

For MIDI there’s loopMIDI at loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen. Windows has its anoyances and one of them is the lack of native ways to route audio and MIDI around. But there are some good free utilities that work reliably. loopMIDI has always worked flawlessly for me, and it’s only one of several free options.

Does it require one to purchase the license, in order to use & install the driver?

Excellent information, thanks.