Routines OSC?

Hi everyone!
It’s possible to control Routines with OSC? Or only Patterns; I mean normally SC clients control only Patterns or more characteristics of SC? Especially Routines.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “control” - but, the only thing you can really do with a Routine is pull values from it… This you can do via OSC.

~routine = Routine({
   [50, 55, 56, 54].do {

OSCdef(\foo, {
  Synth(\someSynth, args:[\freq,])
}, "/next/note");

If you’re thinking of e.g. controlling Event patterns / things in the pattern system with OSC (like Pbind), you can definitely do this with OSC as well. It’s often useful to use Pdef to do this, since it gives you a permanent and easily accessible handle to refer to and modify a pattern while it’s playing.

This might help to clarify things too:

  • A Stream is an object that can provide a sequence of values by calling next on it. There are many different kinds of Streams.
  • A Routine is type of Stream that is based on a Function - it’s next method returns the values that are yielded in the Function by calling e.g. value.yield.
  • A Pattern is a description of a Stream - if you call asStream on it, it returns a new Stream based on that description. It’s a bit of a shortcut to talk about Pattern’s as if they’re doing something (e.g. “playing a Pattern”) - they’re really just a blueprint to produce Streams that do something.