Routing SC Audio to a DAW (OSX)


Hi, I would like to route the SC audio in realtime to Reaper. I have looked into JackPilot; however, it seems largely unspported and broken on Mojave. Does anyone have any alternatives to doing this?



Have you tried SoundFlower ? I am not sure if it works properly on mojave, but it works well on 10.9


I haven’t tested it extensively, but I was able to install the regular Jack installer just fine on Mojave.:
Do you see problems with this?


It installs fine; yet none of my applications seem to show up in the routing menu.


I use Loopback. It’s the most stable and easy to use in my experience.


I’ve had some success with JACK on OSX recently but Soundflower works great on OSX too. JACK is a little easier to use if you get it up and running. Haven’t tried Loopback though!


Thanks for the info! I will tinker around with these.