Routing SC Audio to a DAW (OSX)

Hi, I would like to route the SC audio in realtime to Reaper. I have looked into JackPilot; however, it seems largely unspported and broken on Mojave. Does anyone have any alternatives to doing this?


Have you tried SoundFlower ? I am not sure if it works properly on mojave, but it works well on 10.9

I haven’t tested it extensively, but I was able to install the regular Jack installer just fine on Mojave.:
Do you see problems with this?

It installs fine; yet none of my applications seem to show up in the routing menu.

I use Loopback. It’s the most stable and easy to use in my experience.

I’ve had some success with JACK on OSX recently but Soundflower works great on OSX too. JACK is a little easier to use if you get it up and running. Haven’t tried Loopback though!

Thanks for the info! I will tinker around with these.

I just saw your post (on this thread) on Reaper/SC and am curious to know about your Reaper/SC set up. I don’t know what OS you use, but maybe you can post some info/an update? As an example, are you also syncing your clock, or just send SCs sound to Reaper?

BTW, I use BlackHole, which works fine, but I’m always interested to know if there’s something better, more practical out there.

Thanks in advance - joesh

Just to clarify, after installing QJackCtl on the Mac, the way it works is not that you will see your applications show up in the Jack Connections window automatically – in fact you need to select JackRouter as your Audio Device from within the application first. So for example in Reaper or Ardour, you would go to the place where you normally choose the audio device, and you should see JackRouter as an option. Once you pick JackRouter, then the application should be visible inside the Jack Connections window.
(Same thing with SC of course – you would use ServerOptions to pick JackRouter as the audio device before booting server).

Sorry if this is redundant information, but I thought I’d post in case it’s useful for others.

Also, JackRouter did not work for me in Catalina, but worked fine in OS versions prior to that.



To confirm, JackRouter does not work in Catalina (and it never will, unless a new implementation of JackRouter is created).

Another option will be to use SuperColliderAU inside the DAW and control it in real time from sclang. SCAU is not released yet though, as far as I know.

Latest JACK has binaries for Windows and OSX, but JackRouter (for apps that doesn’t have native JACK support) is removed and needs a new maintainer it seems:

Hello to all in the communty,

this is my first visit and my firt posting.

I use SC in combination with Tidal Cycles. I was used to manage all adio with JackRouter on a Macbook with macos 10.14. It ran properly with 44100 khz. When I tchanged the preferences inside JackRouter to 48000 khz supercollider failed to start.

…AR: JackRouterDevice::GetPropertyDataSize ‘nsr#’
JAR: JackRouterDevice::HasProperty ‘nsr#’
JAR: HP_Device::HasProperty ‘nsr#’
JAR: JackRouterDevice::GetPropertyData ‘nsr#’
JAR: HP_Device::GetPropertyData ‘nsr#’
Requested sample rate 48000.000000 was not available - attempting to use sample rate of 44100.000000

My startup file:

s.options.numBuffers = 2048 * 512;
s.options.memSize = 16384 * 64;
s.options.maxNodes = 8192 * 128;
s.options.numOutputBusChannels = 16;
s.options.numInputBusChannels = 16;
s.options.outDevice = “JackRouter”;
s.options.sampleRate = 48000;

s.waitForBoot {
~dirt = SuperDirt(2, s);

~dirt.start(57120, [0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14]);


My setup:
MacOS 10.14
Focusrite Scarlett 1820i 2ndgen
Ableton Live

Thi is the version I used.

Has anyone an idea to solve this problem?
Where can I download such an old version of JackRouter for macOS wich runs properly?

What about newer version of macOS? Will JackRouter get updates for that one day?

Best regards,

You might like to try something else instead of Jack to route the audio on the mac: I’ve given up on it for now, does not seem very well supported at present… Try Blackhole ?

I already tried Blackhole on another notebook with catalina. The Audiopart works fine, with 16 channels and both 44100 and 48000 khz sample rate. Supercollider runs properly.

But unfortunatelly I didnt have a clue for sending midi data from TC to my external hardware and I also didnt manage to receive CC data from an external controller in TC. And these two features, which are important for me too, worked properly under JackPilot/JackRouter on my Mojave Notebook.

So as you can see I am still loooking for an complete solution on macOS:

16 channel audio routing
Midi data sending from TC to external hardware
CC data receiving in TC from external hardware
supporting 48000 kHz sample rate

As long as you’re on Mojave (and not a later OS), you should be able to use JackRouter.
I think I’ve seen an issue with SampleRate being listed as unsupported. I believe that if you leave SampleRate undefined in SC (s.options.sampleRate = nil;) the server should boot to the samplerate set in Jack.

As for the source of the problem - I’m guessing that JackRouter might be reporting a slightly different samplerate (e.g. exact rate like 48000.0001 or similar) and/or it’s an issue of comparing floating point values. I might be wrong though…

EDIT: I’d also specify both input and output device as JackRouter, to avoid any clocking issues: s.options.device = "JackRouter";

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Thank you very much for your help, MarcinP.