Routing to different Hardware output


I am using SC on Mac and PC, both with a RME PCI card.
I would like to send my stereo output to the AES bus of the RME card. This seems like an easy thing to do, but somehow the RME card is not receiving it, and i tried it on both systems. Lets look at the code for the test i am using:

s.options.numOutputBusChannels = 40;
SynthDef("test-out", { arg out=0, freq=261;
    var source;
			source =[freq,freq,freq,freq,freq,freq,freq,freq,freq,freq], 0, 0.1);, source);

	Synth("test-out", [\freq, 100]);
	Synth("test-out", [\out, 0]);
	Synth("test-out", [\out, 10]);
	Synth("test-out", [\out, 20]);
	Synth("test-out", [\out, 30]);

the signal i want to send will be stereo, but for testing purpose i am sending signals to all available channels of the RME card, to see if it might arrive there, but only the first two channels arrive .

very much appreciated to come to a conclusion here, thank you.

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