Rubber squealing, Latex screeching. Sound synthesis model

Hi folks,

Do you have an idea on how to emulate, using only oscillators (sawtooth I guess?) the sound of rubber squealing or screeching? (like a classic tires screeching we could hear in 70’s movies :)). This kind of “non linear friction” is really challenging, it could be a cool idea to reproduce it on SC. I found a lot of researcher articles, like thoses:

But it’s well beyond my capacities.

Coming from Max, being new in SC, a little piece of code to start with would be lovely.


hi, interesting question. i read the Conan et al. paper (other paper is a broken link) and it looks like the rubbing synthesis model is mostly for unpitched sounds, so probably not quite what you’re looking for.

for this kind of problem, it’s probably easiest to start with a recorded sample of the desired sound and see if you can reverse engineer it by looking at the waveform and spectrogram. i can help you out with this if you can post such a recording.

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