Runing SuperCollider on a Virtual Machine - Linux

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I am currently using Windows and trying run SuperCollider on Oracle Virtual Box virtualizing Ubuntu Studio, but I am getting no sound from SC. All the other programs do play sounds currently, but SC, despite that it boots properly, shows no sound at all ( the level meters also indicates sound being played on SC). I have tried many tweaks on QJackCtl but none seems to work… Does anyone knows what is wrong? Jack issue ? I am running SC 3.11.2-rc1

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I don’t know anything about ubuntu studio but maybe you have both pulseaudio and jack on that distro?

If your other problems can produce sound via pulseaudio and SC can not it may be a pulseaudio/jack conflict.

Do you have another program that uses jack and is able to produce sound?

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I my case under Ubuntu Studio everything works out of the box. When I boot the server, jack starts automatically.

What’s written in your post window while booting server?

Probably you did, but be sure choosing the right Interface in QjackCtl. On most Computers you can choose between Headhones and HDMI in my case called “hw:PCH,0 CX20724, Analog” for Phones and “hw:PCH HDA Intel PCH” for HDMI. If you have a discreet GPU it probably will show NVDIA or similar…

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I am not sure what was happening, but I guess pulseaudio was locking jack execution due to others audio software open… Now it is working properly, although sometimes I need to boot jack first (using QJackCtl) and then boot SC…

IMO it should be recommended practice to start Jack first, always.



I did not know about that, thanks!

With scsynth I don’t have to start jack first, with supernova I have to…

Fellipe, are you using scsynth or supernova?

Since always starting Jack first doesn’t hurt, I’ll follow James advice in the future :smile:

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You can install pulseaudio-module-jack.

That’s pretty painless for running pulse and jack in parallel.

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