SC IDE: What do the numbers in the status bar mean?

I’m working on a introductory talk on SuperCollider and tried to find more detailed information on the status bar of SC IDE, namely the numbers to the right of “Server”. The only info I could find was “information on the status of the server”, but I could not find anything more detailed about what the two percentage numbers mean, or what “2g” and “135d” are for.

I can sort of guess that “12u” and “1s” tell me that there are 12 UGens running and 1 server is booted.

This might come up as a question, and I want to be prepared to give my audience a correct and useful answer. So, if anyone here has insight into this detail, I’d be grateful!

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I think it follows the same order as s.makeGui: Avg CPU, Peak CPU, UGens, Synths, Groups, SynthDefs.

It was the “classic” GUI to check this info for years, maybe that’s why the IDE choose to use this short and unclear format.

OK, thanks, that’s exactly the info I needed!

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