SC @ More Kicks Than Friends online festival, upcoming

Weekend after next (June 16-18), Ned Rush (who uses That Other Audio Programming Environment Which Interfaces With Ableton) will host an Alzheimer’s charity online music festival under the More Kicks Than Friends banner.


Relevance? I’m on Sunday’s lineup (June 18), with 20 minutes of all-SuperCollider algo-house.

I haven’t been given an hour-by-hour schedule yet; will update when I hear more. EDIT: If all artists were given 20-minute slots, then I’d be on 3 hours after it starts, give or take some minutes.

Also worth checking out that evening is Lastboss, who’s been doing live iPad sets for some years now. He’s good.



The shows are still online – quite a fun watch!

A direct link to my set, IDE and all:

Well worth a look at the festival replay – in festivals, you usually don’t see hands up close and personal. It’s cool to see how people are doing things, and good to see attention to non-mainstream artists.


PS I’d also mentioned Lastboss, why not follow up with that link too? More Kicks Than Friends 2023 - Sunday - YouTube Though not SC.