SC spawning icons in the dockbar everytime (MacOS)

Hi, I know it may be a stupid question but I recently got a M1 pro MBP and noticed a weird behaviour with SCide: I have it on my dockbar, when I open it it just spawns another SC icon which I have to manually remove after finishing, and it does this everytime, it even generates multiple clones if i close and reopen it without removing them from the dock first.

Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks!


The left icon is the icon/process of the IDE, the right one is the icon of sclang.
This is necessary as .gui elements are attached to the language process and not to the IDE, so it is possible to also use the GUI outside of the IDE.

If you spawn multiple sclang processes, multiple icons will show up. This does indeed not match the default UX of macOS, but it also something that is not too common.

The unique behaviour on MacOS is that the sclang icon is always in the Dock. On Windows and Linux, it only appears when at least one GUI item is being used. I think it would be better if MacOS had the same behaviour as other operating systems.

I think the original question is saying that sclang processes are not being closed automatically when quitting the editor (“it even generates multiple clones if i close and reopen it without removing them from the dock first”) – which is wrong behavior. The extra icon is there while using SC, but after quitting the editor, that interpreter process should exit and the icon should go away.

Unless there’s something weird in macOS about subordinate processes spawned by a process that’s pinned to the dock…?

@jakuxx what exact steps are you taking? As noted, the extra icon can’t be eliminated. As I understand it, it should be: 1/ open IDE, second icon appears; 2/ reboot interpreter (Language menu), still have second icon but not more; 3/ quit IDE (not just close or hide the window), second icon should go away by itself.


When I open the IDE, the second icon appears as the SC cube. When I reboot the interpreter, it turns into the IDE icon (the circular one) and spawns another SC cube icon which then turns into the IDE icon again when I close the IDE. They all stay there. I don’t know if it’s about sclang processes not being killed (the dock icons appear as not running and the SC processes don’t seem to appear in Activity Monitor) or if it’s some weird behaviour of the dock itself, but this is what happens.

EDIT: as I expected it happens even if I remove SC from the dock and launch it from the applications

Try disabling “show suggested and recent apps in dock”

If you are referring to the behaviour in the video below, I know what you mean. It is really annoying, but as you can see in the video, deselecting “Keep in Dock” solves the problem:

this solved it. thanks.