SC Symposium 2020 [CANCELLED]: Registration open + tentative schedule

Hey all,

Registration for the 2020 SuperCollider Symposium at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, USA, taking place March 27-29, is now open!

Registration for the symposium itself is $40, there is also an optional dinner on Saturday which is $50. Special hotel rates are available at two hotels in the area.

Go here for more details (note – the certificate for the site is expired so you may have to click through some security warnings from your browser):

Ron Kuivila, the symposium organizer, has also shared this tentative schedule outline:

While the schedule of the symposium is not completely firm, the outlines are.
It will begin on Friday at 6PM with a reception and an installation opening. There
will be two concerts on Friday night, a day of presentations on Saturday and two more
concerts that evening. The symposium will conclude on Sunday afternoon at RISD around 4:00PM, but the details of
how Sunday will unfold are still being resolved. The day will include James McCartney’s talk on his current
project, “Sound as Pure Form” along with an introductory workshop. It will also include workshops on SATIE and the
Ambisonic Toolkit in RISD’s 25.4 ambisonic dome. It may include a few more if we can make the space work.

A more complete schedule will likely be shared in the next week.


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This is super nice!

Is it going to be recorded or streamed?

It will be a great opportunity for us that are living in other continents and under bad economic conditions to keep track SC’s developments !

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Hi, do you know if or where the schedule is posted? I can’t seem to find it on Wesleyan’s website…


sorry for the delayed response!

@fmiramar the question has been asked in other venues as well and there is presently no answer. i hope recordings will be made available but since i am not involved with the organization of the symposium i have no control over that.

@secretrow the schedule in the message above is still the most detailed schedule available. according to Ron Kuivila, the symposium organizer, a fuller schedule should be posted next week.



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I saw that Marcin Pietruszewski is doing a quad performance of New Pulsar Generator material one night… so excited!!

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Hi all,

In case you haven’t seen the notification yet, the symposium has been cancelled due to safety precautions for the COVID-19 outbreak. If you made an event reservation it was already refunded, and you can call the hotels to be refunded for those reservations as well.

Thanks for the updates! (and the original notification)

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