SC/Tidal question

Tidal has deep roots in Haskell, which is a functional language.

Is it possible to emulate Tidal within SC, using this.preProcessor_ ?

Bacalao is using preProcessor to do something similar to the Tidal pattern syntax. There are some libraries implementing common functional patterns into SCLang: FPLib, NNDef. If I remember well, there was some extensions coded by Julian Rohrhuber that were written using a functional style.

It should be possible to find the elementary bricks to setup a mockup of the Tidal pattern system but reproducing the whole library is a very different story. I’m not skilled enough to tell if that is something that could be done. I just know that Tidal is very cleverly thought and designed and that a lot of efforts went into creating it (including SuperDirt).

I have only a vauge understanding of Tidal… however, it seems to be the debatable champion of it’s class, so far.

I don’t fully understand the difference between “pattern syntax” vs. the whole library.

How does Tidal gain strength from having it’s roots in Haskell over SC?

I’m only guessing but I think it has to do with mechanisms for function/method composition.

Anyway, for the first question, I like to think of it in terms of benefit-over-cost ratio. The cost to reimplement Tidal in SC would be high. The benefit would be to have a replica of something that someone else already did, which probably doesn’t function as well as the original = relatively small benefit. So I think it would not be worth doing. It would be worthwhile to spend that time on an innovative project that goes in a different direction (for example, Alga: interpolating live coding language).


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