SC2 live set - pulu & Twilight Courier @ data leap

a recording of a performance me and Twilight Courier (on visuals) did last weekend at data leap, an event organized by Algorave Helsinki & WHS Teatteri Union!

recently i have been working with SuperCollider 2 a lot and built my own controller-focused pattern system for it, which i used for this performance. i have a livestream playlist about this (ongoing) project, but in summary it is

  • an iBook G4 2005 gently persuaded to boot Mac OS 9
  • an OS9 compatible USB audio interface (Griffin iMic) + Propagamma USB-ASIO driver to work around lack of Sound Manager support for this computer
  • SuperCollider 2.2.16 from James McCartney’s site
  • a MIDI controller (DJ Techtools MIDI Fighter Twister) for starting/stopping patterns and tweaking knobs live
  • a Bela single-board computer to convert MIDI to OSC, since there is no OS9 driver for my MIDI controller (something cheaper like a Raspberry Pi would probably work just as well)

it is a big pile of hacks, but ive got it working pretty well and really enjoy working with it! i wonder if anyone else is still using SC2? :grin: