SC3 crashes with Command-Backtick (nonprinting) on spanish keyboard?

Hi list,

a colleague of mine can crash SCIDE on OS X by typing
Command+backtick (the latter as nonprinting character on a spanish
keyboard). Is this known?

thanks, Peter

FWIW: I tried on linux in a pretty recent build from the develop branch and ctrl+backtick didn’t crash SCIDE (but I’m not using a spanish keyboard, so perhaps that test made no sense at all…). I’ve had a quick look in the bug db but didn’t immediately find something related.

Dear Shiihs,

Oh sorry, perhaps I didn’t mention this happened on OS X.

Thank you for trying,

Hi Peter,

Actually you did mention OS X (and I did notice it), but since I don’t have OS X I thought I’d give it a try on linux - mostly because I was curious if it is some kind of general problem.

I’m using OSX Catalina, SC 3.11.2, though with an ANSI keyboard, and this does not crash SCIDE for me.

Thank you Boris,

which keyboard language layout do you have? ASCI only seems to specify
key layout as far as I can tell:

Does your backtick produce a backtick immediately or is it a
non-printing character, only added to a letter that you type after it?

Thanks again,

This thread reminds me:
I am consistently able to crash SC 3.11.2 by pressing Cmd + ¨ on Swedish keyboard layout. This is physically located right next to Enter which makes things exciting. I try not to think about it and I am mostly ok. I am on Mac OS X 10.13.6
I will make a bug report on GitHub.

Hi t36s,

this might be it! The backtick on the spanish keyboard is at the same
position (next to Enter). Thanks for filing this as a bug report,
possibly mentioning that it is the physical key and not the actual

best, P

The backtick on my keyboard immediately creates a character.

I am unfamiliar with any keyboard layout than the 'merkin one, but if that key isn’t so often used, or can be moved without screwing up typing ergonomics too bad, karabiner is a decent enough key-remapper - - might provide a short term solution for making things less interesting.