Scaling problems in windows on my UHD screen, what am I missing?

I am running SuperCollider 3.10.3 on a Lenovo P1 laptop with a high screen resolution 3840 x 2160 (UHD 4K). I’ve got my scaling set to 200%.
I’ve read about this problem here Problem with high resolution screen display
I’ve tried the ‘change high DPI settings’ in the properties of the scide.exe but nothing is quite right. Changing to application everything is crisp but a little small, but that I can change with the Crl + and -, but all the gui objects ie Meter Node Tree are extremely small.
If I change to system or sytem (enhanced) everything is blurry with the gui objects have better scale.
Any suggestions. Am I missing something?

I tried several ways to work around this but nothing works 100% perfect on a 3840x2160 display (with a default Windows scaling of 175%):

  1. Changing DPI settings from Windows Properties, using “Program DPI” setting. This fixes the fonts perfectly, sharp in all panes of the GUI. But meters are still too small to read (probably unchanged pixel-based size).

  2. Changing DPI settings from Windows Properties, using “High DPI scaling override” setting changed from “Application” to “System”. This scales everything (including the meters) by 1.75, but the result is blurry. This may be due to my 175% default, so 200% may work better, but I don’t want to change this for my Windows default.

  3. Setting an environment variable from a batch before starting SuperCollider: set QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.75 (and using no rescaling from Windows side). This gives also sharp font rendering, meters are resized properly and with sharp graphics fonts. But the menu items are enlarged twice 1.75x.

I finally decided for #3 being the least evil and wrote a batch which starts SC in this way.

On the long run it would be nice if the support for high resolution displays would work out-of-the-box in a way that all components (menu, code, help browser, post window, meters) are scaled correctly and sharply according to the DPI of the monitor.

this has been fixed with and, i think. the former PR will be in the 3.11.1 release coming soon, and both fixes will be in the 3.12 release which should be later this year. you could also try a bleeding-edge build (i.e., pre-3.12) to get them now:

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