SCDoc: Is it possible to extend a documentation other than a Class documentation?

Hey all,

I know how to extend a Class documentation in file SomeClass.ext.schelp. Now I’ve tried the same thing with a Reference document. But I’m only getting an error when re-generating the help docs.

ERROR: In /home/stefan/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/NodeProxy_Extensions_SN/HelpSource/Reference/NodeProxy_roles.ext.schelp:
  At line 1: syntax error, unexpected end of file

… it seems, whatever is in line 1 doesn’t matter.

So, is it only possible to extend Class documentation?

Thanks, Stefan

It would help to see the actual file. Maybe it’s just a syntax error.


section:: blabla

… now, I don’t get the error if I do a line break at the end. But the section doesn’t get added to the NodeProxy roles reference either.