Scide command line options

Is there any documentation for scide command line options? In particular, I need to open scide with a specific location for sc_ide_conf.yaml.


Guh. Pretty sure the conf file location is hardcoded

Thanks for checking this Nathan. It’s a pity it’s not more flexible.

A workaround might be to keep your IDE options in a file that’s not named sc_ide_conf.yaml (or, multiple sets of options in multiple files), and then write a shell script that copies one of them to sc_ide_conf.yaml (overwriting it) before launching the IDE.

Or perhaps better, symlinking instead of copying.


Thanks James.

The reason I was asking was as follows:
In the LanguageConfig help file, I saw how you can exclude default paths and add new include paths for sclang and save them in new sclang conf file.
Scide preferences and the scide conf file allow you to specify the sclang conf file that will be used.
So I thought using a command line option might be a solution to make a kind of standalone (which would also work in Windows), because you could put SuperCollider with a startup file and any Quarks or extensions in one folder/directory and then have a batch file to open scide with the specific scide conf file.
Then you could distribute the standalone as a single folder with no setup instructions (e.g. install sc, install plugins and quarks…) needed. This would make it super-easy to distribute standalone sc apps.

So your workaround could work for that. I would also need to check if there was already an scide conf file existing and if so rename it temporarily, renaming it back again afterwards.

Maybe a command line option to specify the conf file would be a valid scide feature request for the future?


My opinion: yes, valid feature request. I’m pretty sure Nathan’s “Guh” is meant to convey the same dissatisfaction with the lack of a startup option for this :grin: