Sclang licensing?

hi all !

just a quick question - since sclang stuff is part of the main supercollider license I’m guessing it’s strictly GPL but I just wanted to check in here in case there was any other version with a more permissive license that I haven’t run into.

reading up on things, it looks like the GPL license does not apply to SC server clients since the integration happens over a network (most are MIT), but right now it doesn’t look like there’s a way to integrate sclang into a client without absorbing GPL (copyleft licensing info, if anyone’s into that)

just a theoretical q for a theoretical project, thanks for any info !

there’s no permissively licensed version of sclang. it’s all GPL. alternate clients may have more permissive licenses.

I did some more research post-posting and it looks like there are some pathways to feed lines into the sclang application unmodified, which sounds like it’ll work for me !