SCLang/Qt graphics on the GPU?


I am developing an SC app with lots of graphics that really could use the GPU if available. On Windows 10 I see in the Task Manager that the SCIDE is using the GPU - its load percentage rises when I resize the SCIDE window, for instance. But my SC code, which draws lots of graphics in the process sclang.exe, loads the CPU instead, when I resize its window. Is there a way of offloading my graphics to the GPU? Have I overlooked some option to Qt, for instance?

As far as I know, this isn’t possible and won’t be possible until everything is updated to use QML (which is hardware accelerated), rather than QWidgets. It is unlikely that this update will happen.

ok, thanks for your quick response!

Maybe consider using a game engine for the graphics stuff and communicate with it from the language using OSC.