SCNvim commands not an editor command

I have recently setup SCNvim via Windows PowerShell 7 (I use vim-plug btw). :checkhealth scnvim reports that everything is configured correctly (see screenshot below) but if I simply try to run SC via :SCNvimStart the response I get is Not an editor command: SCNvimStart. I have since confirmed that none of the editor commands are currently recognized. This makes me think I have not configured my init.vim correctly for scnvim but to my knowledge I have followed the basic steps for windows described in the git repo for scnvim (see screenshot below for init.vim). I have also created the recommended startup.scd file (not included here as its straight from the docs). Does anyone see what I am doing incorrectly here? Note: I am under the impression that I do not have to have a .scd file open in order to start SC in scnvim


:checkhealth scnvim output

Incredible: if a .scd file is open the editor commands work. I frankly do not understand why this is the case but things appear to be working over here…hooray!

In a strict sense, the availability of these commands depends on the filetype of the active buffer. If for some reason you don’t want to open a *.scd or *.sc file, you can also simply execute :set ft=supercollider.