SCNvim installation foobar

I am using a Raspberry Pi 400 for SuperCollider, my intent is to
use scnvim for an IDE, folowing madskjeldgaard. I have no experience
using Lua, but it seems the way to go. I get a system that has apparently
loaded the plugin (:checkhealth scnvim) but when I :e test.scd and
:SCNvimStart, I get a :E492 Not an editor command: SCNvimStart. Anybody
have any ideas?

    Thank You For Your Attention

this is the particulars of my system

Raspberry 400
Raspbian 11
neovim v0.7.2
packer v?
svnvim v?



--[[ init.lua ]]

-- These keybindings need to be defined before the first /
-- is called; otherwise, it will default to "\"
vim.g.mapleader = ","
vim.g.localleader = "\\"

require('vars')      -- Variables
require('opts')      -- Options
-- require('keys')      -- Keymaps
require('plugins')      -- Plugins

-- plugins.lua

return require('packer').startup(function()
    use 'wbthomason/packer.nvim'

use {
  config = function()
    mapping = {
      ['<M-e>'] ={'i', 'n'}),
      ['<C-e>'] = {{'i', 'n'}),'x'),
      ['<CR>'] ='n'),
      ['<M-CR>'] ='i'),
      ['<M-L>'] ={'n', 'i'}),
      ['<C-k>'] ={'n', 'i'}),
      ['<F12>'] ={'n', 'x', 'i'}),
      ['<leader>st'] =,
      ['<leader>sk'] =,
    editor = {
      highlight = {
        color = 'IncSearch',
        type = 'fade',
    documentation = {
      cmd = '/opt/homebrew/bin/pandoc',
    postwin = {
      float = {
        enabled = true,


:e test.scd should take care of this, but “not an editor command” usually indicates that the filetype of your buffer hasn’t been set correctly. Check the filetype with :set ft? and confirm that it’s supercollider.

:set ft?

David Granstrom (author of scnvim) was so kind as to help me. Interested readers should check here

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