SCNVim installation problem

Hi, after installing the plugin (in NeoVim) the command

:checkhealth scnvim`

gives me

  • OK nvim version 0.9.5
  • OK sclang executable: /usr/bin/sclang
  • ERROR scnvim classes are not installed. <==========
  • use ensure_installed = true in the scnvim setup function
  • no keymaps defined

Should I have to install a SuperCollider class as in SCvim (Vim plugin)? Thank You.

SC needs to be able to find the contents of the side_scnvim folder - you could copy this folder into your SC Extensions folder

Thank You. Now in my SCIde I’ve a corrupted documentation (perhaps it is due to a my mistake). Is there a tricky way that let me to re-generate in a clean way the documentation?

After reading

i put the side_scnvim folder in my (user) extension dir … the problem persist. Perhaps I have to touch the configuration!

OK, a symbolic link works! Tank You again!

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