SCNvim quark issues

When trying to install a custom Quark with Quarks.gui from NeoVim, I accidentally selected a directory higher in the hierarchy and now it won’t compile due to duplicate class errors. Since it doesn’t compile I cannot use the Quarks.gui to uninstall the useless path. I’m not sure what path I selected and don’t know where the quarks path’s are stored for SCNvim to fix it.

Could you please point it out to me?

SC compiles fine in SCIDE.


I have also had this problem! theres a sclang.conf.yaml config file that lists the directories that SC scans for extensions and quarks maybe that can help… on mac it lives in Application Support/Supercollider.

The printed output during library compilation will tell you the conflicting paths. You can safely delete one of each pair by hand.


Yes, I can see the paths, but I don’t know where they are stored so I can’t delete them. Where should they be?

The path is the location where they are stored. When SC prints the full path, it’s already giving you all the information necessary to find the file.

Maybe your question is about the fact that macOS and Windows both hide some locations in the file browser. If that’s the issue, then there are two solutions:

  • Access the location in the file browser by path, not by clicking on icons. I’m not sure in macOS – I think there’s a “go to location” menu command somewhere? In Windows, you can paste a C:\blah\blah style path into the Windows Explorer location bar (provided the path is written with backslashes – sometimes SC will print forward slashes – you would have to edit those by hand).

  • Or use the command line (Terminal in macOS, or cmd.exe).


ah, yes, sure. Sorry about that. But here’s the problem. The error is this:

ERROR: duplicate Class found: 'SCNvim'                                                                             │y
/home/roger/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/scide_scnvim/Classes/                                   │

but the first path is a link to the second.

lrwxrwxrwx 1 roger roger 44 Jul 10 09:28 /home/roger/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/scide_scnvim -> /home/roger/.vim/plugged/scnvim/scide_scnvim

Should I just get rid of the link?

I think so – you certainly shouldn’t have both a file and a link to the same file in your compilation paths.

I’m puzzled how you ended up with a link. SC quarks haven’t used links to install, for several years now. Maybe there’s something specific about the way SCNvim installs? I’m not familiar with it.


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When installing a quark via the GUI in vim, I accidentally selected a parent directory.

I tried it and works. Although I’m missing a custom quark, but should be able to add it again.

Thanks for your help.

a “safe launch” mode for SC would be awesome - where SC only loads the core app and no plugins or extensions.

likewise an option to ignore extensions which fail on subsequent launch (like most DAWs do with plugs that fail) might help.