SCVim install issues (rpi)


I’m working on trying to install SuperCollider + SCVim onto a raspberry pi 3, specifically using a Volumio OS. I followed the raspberry pi build instructions and after a lot of tinkering I’m pretty sure I got supercollider installed. Running sclang seems to work, though I have not tried making sound yet.

When trying to install scvim, I followed the README instructions, but when I open a file and run :SClangStart the terminal just flashes real quick like it is going to do something and then nothing happens. It clearly can register the scvim commands so I think I linked it correctly?

I have the following in my vimrc

let g:sclangTerm = "x-terminal-emulator -e $SHELL -ic"
let g:scFlash = 1 
let g:scTerminalBuffer = "on"

Deleting those setting from my vimrc results in a random string being displayed at the bottom of the screen after running :SClangStart (edit: on vim7.4 it just does nothing with the vimrc settings set or not set).

Anyone have any ideas? Maybe one of my versions is incompatible? I think vim 7.4 is installed, I had a version of vim8 installed from a source build but I thought it might be the problem so I uninstalled it. sclang says it is on v3.11

I think my problem comes from this issue. Unfortunately the proposed fix did not work.

Edit: Ah, I realized Raspbian Jessie is not supported which is what volumio OS is built on. Going to move my streamer to moode (Raspbian Buster I think) and give this all another shot

Can’t comment on scvim, but I’ve never had an issue with scNvim. Might provide a good alternative if you can’t find a fix.