Searching the archives of the SC mailing lists

The archives of the SC mailing lists (sc-users, sc-dev), hosted at the University of Birmingham, are an excellent resource for learning about SC and getting inspired. They include data from 2002 onwards. Unfortunately, the search for years before the current year is a bit difficult to find.

Either go here to choose a specific year, then the search via the htDig icon will include the whole archive:

Or go here directly for a general search:

Also, note that links can become outdated as soon as the current year is over. This issue is covered here:

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it was great when all this content was on nabble and index by google. losing that was a bit of a tragedy

To explain it for newer users: years ago there existed a mirror of these archives on nabble, which, due to regulations, couldn’t be kept. There were long discussions about this (which you could also find somewhere).
However, it’s great that the original archive is there. I suppose it’s not heavily used now, many people don’t know it, or they don’t know how to search for elder threads.

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