sendReply and concatenation

I am having problems sending multiple data with sendreply. I probably don’t understand something about the way string concatenation works which throws out errors. I am using this in my SynthDef

onsets =, thresh, mingap: 15);
	centroid =;
	loud =;
	chroma =;
	mel =,numBands: 7, minFreq: 20, maxFreq: 10000,windowSize: 2048);, '/notes', chroma++[centroid,loud]);

This works and I can get the chroma, centroid and loudness with the OSCDef that receives the message. The same is true is I just send the mel information. But when I try to include both chroma and mel bands it breaks down. If I add mel to the list, '/notes', chroma++[centroid,loud]++mel);

The OSCDef gets called multiple times some with single value as the message some with multiple.

Really not sure what am I doing wrong and how to fix it

This sounds like one or the other array is multidimensional. Could you postln the component arrays? Not to see the values – just to see the shape.

EDIT: Or… How many channels does src have?


Thanks. Indeed it was the multichannel issue. the fft chain was a one channel mix of src which was stereo.
much obliged.