SendReply should be sent?

I have this code, and actually two questions. > 0.01, "/trg", [40, , buf]);
  1. If found this trg was being called by looking at a network trace. Converting the hex values to float I saw [40, 0.00625, 10]. Why did this send the reply when 0.00625 > 0.01 is false?

  2. I was initializing trigBus = -1. Not sure why, but it was seeing this noise, for instance 0.00625. I changed to 9999, which seems to prevent it from sending anything, but is -1 a problem?

-1 is not a problem, but it seems to suggest it triggers when the signal changes from non-positive to positive, besides the > operator you wrote

I the value of is 0.00625, should it have triggered? If so why?

It’s a bit strange, indeed.

	var trig =;,;, 1).poll(trig);;

// prints:
UGen(OutputProxy): 1

And if you remove the,;, it prints 0.

This means that, 1) is reading bus 0 instead. So initializing trigBus to -1 is not a safe way to deactivate triggering. I think you would need something like:

var trig = < 0, [,]);

I can’t see why it’s triggering for 0.00625 though.