Serial Control and Multiplexer

Hi all -

I am using this code with an Teensy and 4051 multiplexer to send an 8-item 12-bit serial array.

I am at a total loss for how to receive and read this information in SuperCollider. Has anyone done this that can provide a code example or tutorial?

Thank you.

You need to write a small communication protocol to receive serial port messages greater than 8 bits, basically divide the bit stream into “words”. Fredrik Olofsson have some tutorials about this:

Thanks, but I might need to start with something a little more rudimentary than this. I’m not sure I understand this idea or what a payload is…
“//protocol: 253 254 nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn 255
//nn comes in pairs. first nn are the upper 8bits and the second are the lower 2 bits. A0 to A5 in order.”