Serial to MIDI?

Hey! My arduino is sending and receiving MIDI thanks to the great arduino MIDI library. Unfortunately, the MIDI messages are exchanged through the serial interface, as the arduino is not exposed as a MIDI USB device.

I’m looking for a way to bridge the serial port in order to use it in a more convenient manner from SC (on linux).

I see several approaches, and would like to hear your advices on the matter:

  1. Use a more recent arduino that can do software USB and directly expose my arduino as a MIDI USB device
  2. Write a small utility that opens the serial port, registers a Jack MIDI client and bridges between the two
  3. In SC, find a way to expose a Serial object to MIDIIn and MIDIOut objects?

Am I missing something? How would you do it?

Nevermind, just after finishing this post, I found ttymidi and hairless midi serial.