Server boots automatically at startup (SC v.3.10.4 on Arch Linux)

Since some time ago (and I can’t recall when this started, sorry) scsynth boots automatically when I start sclang, both through the ide and from the command line.
FWIW, I have no startup.scd.
Any clue about what could be causing this behavior, and where I should look to stop it?

(SC v. 3.10.4 on Arch Linux)

No idea really, but maybe you could creating a startup.scd and see if that changes something? Did you install from aur? If so, maybe there is a stray startup.scd somewhere in your system? Have you tried searching for this?

Sorry, I went stupidly crazy over this:

I tried both creating an empty startup.scd and searching my system for any startup.scd. Nothing there. I installed from the community repo, not AUR.
Anyway, prompted by your post, I tried a sudo make uninstall on a source code folder I have from the development version, just in case, but that didn’t stop scsynth from auto-booting either.
Then I reinstalled supercollider and sc3-plugins from pacman, and still the same.
So I removed supercollider from pacman, reinstalled the dev version, and the server is still booting on its own…
Back to pacman’s version… of course still auto-booting.

Finally, it was some code in an Extension I wrote: I had put a Server.default.waitForBoot inside an *initClass method, ingenuously thinking it wouldn’t prompt the server to boot, but just wait for it to boot on its own. I have now replaced it with doWhenBooted.

It’s probably a bad idea to have such behavior there, but at least for now scsynth is not booting on its own anymore :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you found the solution! Also nice to meet fellow arch/sc/Scandinavians in here :slight_smile:

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