Server crashing without CPU overload?

Hi forum,

I have this code:

Ndef(\bubbles2)[0] = {         
	|freq=0.001, gate=1, iphase=0, boost=1.25, detune=1,                     
	atk=0.01, dec=0.3, rel=3,
	mincf=40, maxcf=12000, minrq=0.002, maxrq=0.2,
	amp=0.5, fsel=0, fofreq=20|
	var sig, env, f;
	env =,dec,0.5,rel), gate, doneAction:2);
	sig =
		freq +!8).range(0.1,1)).bipolar(detune),

	f =, [,]); {
		sig = (sig * boost).fold2(f);

	sig =

	sig =;
	sig = sig * env * amp;

s.options.memSize = 2.pow(20)

Ndef(\bubbles2).set(\freq, 0.001, \amp, 2)

Ndef(\bubbles2)[1] = \filter -> {|in|[0], 1000, revtime:10)}
Ndef(\bubbles2)[1] = nil

Ndef(\bubbles2).xset(\freq, 10) 

When I activate the Gverb (slot 1) and play with its params it goes on for a while and then crashes with the following errors:

Server 'localhost' exited with exit code -1073741819.
server 'localhost' disconnected shared memory interface

even though the CPU reaches 15% maximum. Why is this? As you can see I tried setting the memSize really high but it doesn’t help at all.


GVerb can crash when you change parameters. I think it’s an old bug.

Just to add: in general, CPU usage has nothing to do with crashes.

are you running on Windows?