Server 'localhost' exited with exit code -1073741819

Hi all,
I’m having the following error on SC 3.11.2 on Windows 10. I’ve already read another old topic reporting the same error, but my situation seems different. I’m running a quite big patch and the server crashes after some minutes. Her’s the description by steps:

-server crashes sometimes after ~50 sec, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes it doesn’t crash at all. CPU can reach more than 100%

-After worked on some resource-saving on my patch, I realized it wasn’t that the main cause (some cubic interpolation on granulations, and I checked the signal flow was error-free), I then changed the battery settings from “active” to “passive” in the battery cooling management and the situation went a lot better, as now it crashes after 10 or 20 minutes, and it reached 30 minutes without crashing. I did so because I was believing it was an issue related to my machine, as the CPU went a lot higher, but with this settings it stays on its 10 to 30%, so all right.

-the problem is that it do crashes, sometimes after 10, sometimes after 20 ore more minutes.

  • I suspect it could be that “segmentation error” reported by someone, occurring on windows. I’m quite sure it depends on my machine, which has 32 GB ram, and 512 GB ssd

-it crashes both using internal and external audio interface.

-I’m using VSTPlugin extesion for denoising at the very beginning of my patch; two instances of the same plugin, and they work very well.

I can’t see where the problem is, a part from a Windows related one…

Here’s my startup file:

fork {

	s = Server.local;


	s.options.device =  "ASIO : ASIO Fireface USB";
	//s.options.device = "ASIO : Focusrite USB ASIO";
	//s.options.device = "ASIO : ASIO MADIface USB";
	s.options.numInputBusChannels = 12;
	s.options.numOutputBusChannels = 4;
	s.options.sampleRate = 44100;
	s.recHeaderFormat = "wav";
	s.options.numBuffers = 1024;
	s.options.numWireBufs = 64;
	s.options.maxNodes = 1024*2;

Any help is greatly appreciated!