Server Tutorial example cleanup

The “Server Tutorial” in the sc help files ends with two large examples that don’t compile, called “Sequencing with Routines” and “Sequencing with Patterns”. I got them working thinking maybe I could submit a PR but … maybe they should just be removed, for the following reasons:

  1. They sound … so-so. The numerous Patterns resources are way more impressive.
  2. They’re not very educational, they’re just large examples of Routine- and Pattern- based sequencing that don’t explain or introduce concepts.
  3. It really isn’t relevant to a “Server Tutorial” IMO.

If there is appetite for this I’ll submit a PR. (Sorry if this isn’t the right forum!)


IMHO, this help file is far too complex and is in far too much detail to be a useful tutorial — methods such as SynthDef:writeDefFile and Server:sendSynthDef are needlessly complex and the file seems to suggest that new users should make synths by directly using the "/s_new" OSC command. Help/Tutorials/Getting-Started/10-SynthDefs-and-Synths.html is far better.

I think it should just be deleted, or perhaps turned into a reference document rather than a tutorial.

The only defense I can muster for it is that “All Tutorials” is the friendliest place to go in the help browser if the Getting Started tutorial series doesn’t have what you’re looking for. I only recently learned how to use “Browse” better to find the various guides … before that I would often page through tutorials in hopes of finding something or other I had forgotten, and sometimes that’s s.boot which is only found here in the toplevel tutorial tree.

That’s not a good reason to keep it, more an experience report as an intermittent SC user who forgets everything regularly and has to start over, so not the target for a from-scratch tutorial.

I suppose deletion is best – it’s hard to justify improving/maintaining it, but it’s not a good resource as-is, so if nobody’s going to improve it, it should go.