ServerTree.objects problems

→ IdentityDictionary[ (all → List[ class MixerChannelReconstructor ]), (localhost → List[ a Function ]) ]
// what is the function that is called when localhost is being set up?\localhost)
→ nil
// ? it says there is a function there, maybe localhost is a String“localhost”)
→ nil
// maybe not, a variable?
ERROR: Variable ‘localhost’ not defined.
in interpreted text
line 1 char 31:

→ nil
// not this either. Try access other keys\all)
→ List[ class MixerChannelReconstructor ]
// This works as expected. How do you access the key ‘localhost’ in this conhtext???

                          Thank You For Your Attention
Server.default.asString == "localhost" == true == List 
s == Server.default == true

Ps. Inspectors are nice, for instance clicking about in ServerTree.objects.inspect (the I buttons) can quickly get you to a Server object.