Setting Daytimer for 1 1/2 hour how?


After much mucking about I have been unable to figure out how to set a Daytimer for say every every 1 and a half hours.

Sorry I don’t have any example of failing code as I have no real idea where to start.


Something like this, I imagine. Untested so use at your own risk but the basic idea is to save what time it is now (at the start) then subtract that from the time later. Using this code directly will almost certainly break at midnight (00:00:00) but you get the idea.

var start = Date.getDate;
start = (start.hour*60)+start.minute; // get it in minutes
startSeconds = start.second; // get the seconds
DayTimer.putDate(\90min, {|date|
	var now = (date[0]*60) + date[1]; // minutes
	((now-start)%90 == 0) && date[2]==startSeconds; // modulo and check the seconds
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