Setting up emacs with sclang-mode in 2018

What does it take? I eventually figured out that I had to install cmake and build it, and I’ve gotten as far as starting up sclang-mode without complaints finally, but none of the actual keyboard commands specified in the mode documentation work. Is there a more substantial tutorial other than the README here?


which shortcuts do not work?
as far as i know, when I compile (make) and install (make install) SC it puts the files needed in scel into correct places. so once sclang is loaded all keyboard commands should work as well.

when you do M-x sclang-start does it show SuperCollider Workspace and PostWindow?

did you try booting the server using C-c C-p b?

after booting, C-c C-c (evaluate line) and C-c C-s (stop all sound) should work

(C=ctrl, M=alt)

(sorry if i’m explaining the obvious)