Sharing SC code for an online workshop

Hi, I was wondering what are you people using for sharing the code in a pedagogical context (I don’t need the embedded browser solutions ala FAUST, though it will be cool if is easy to setup: this one sc-web seems to be unstable).
It should be easy to edit, and access for everybody in the group. I have used collabedit in the past but I guess there are better tools nowadays. Of course, some kind of shared-text editor (Google, Microsoft) will do it but something more “elegant”?
Thank you in advance. isn’t fancy in terms of text editing, but it does sync code over a network. When one person runs a statement, it runs on everybody’s machine simultaneously. is perhaps similar, though I haven’t tried it.

Troop supports SC. Flok, I think includes SC support but I’m less certain of that.

Not sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but worth mentioning.


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I’m actually working on one, that I have used for teaching…

Code here (if you want to host it somewhere on your own):

There is also a little “bridge app” to link it to sclang (so that you can execute code and see replies in the post window):

Demo here: (it resets every hour: it’s a free tier “server”)

If you try it out, you like it, and then you find issues, please let me know :slight_smile:

@elgiano that’s interesting, but not quite sure I understand… each person has to have SuperCollider running on their own machine, but then we can edit collaboratively in real time?

Yes, that’s the idea.

Everyone runs sclang locally on its own. The web editor is like a shared scratchpad, but it can link to your local sclang through the bridge app, so that you can exec code and see replies.

But I have to say it’s quite a hard exercise to use it without code completion, and realize that you don’t know by heart even the arguments of :slight_smile:


@jamshark70 @elgiano Thank you both for the links, this is exactly what I was looking for. Troop worked in the very first test and Flok seems intuitive as well. I need to make more experiments.
About the scwebide thank you very much for sharing this is a great project.
Just for reporting: I couldn’t manage to create the server on my machine I got an error:

npm ERR! errno 1
npm ERR! scwebide@0.0.0 start: `node server.js ""`
npm ERR! Exit status 1
npm ERR! 
npm ERR! Failed at the scwebide@0.0.0 start script.

The electron/bridge application can see the server that you point out so the little button is green but it cannot see my sclang button stay yellow.
Maybe it is more appropriate to move this conversation somewhere else, except if you can see something obvious that I am missing (I am basically running npm start in the scwebide-bridge and scwebide folders) and can give me a tip.
Thanks again,

Hi Alejandro, yes, let’s move it to github! I’ll look into it

Atom also has a very good SuperCollider IDE plugin, build by @crucialfelix. And Atom has several very good collaboration / shared editing plugins, including a built-in one that’s in beta I believe. This is likely to be the best setup experience, and the best SC code editing experience as well.

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@scztt Thank you Scott for the tip, this was very easy to set up and worked smoothly.

Question for those using Atom with SuperCollider plugin and a code sharing plugin (teletype or another?) – in addition to typing in the same window, when you run code does it get run on peers’ machines as well? I assume not, but was curious to double check.

Never try to evaluate the code over Atom. Did you tried already? anything interesting to repport?