Signes: Kinetic Light and Sound installation

We used ofxSupercollider libraries in OpenFrameworks to sonify angle, speed and brightness of this kinetic engines. The composition is spanned across 13 top+sub speakers.

Each kinetic engine (there are 78 of them) has a single sound oscillator and effects chain associated. Multichannel expansion has been key for the development of this work, and we pushed the boundaries of our new computers…

hope you enjoy!


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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Are those 3 strip LED tubes? And what’s the spec on the hardware?

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All hardware is made by ourselves, including the LED tubes.

The light fixture side is basically 3 aluminium profiles soldered together and hosting 3 1m 144leds/m rgbw addressable led strips. We used black diffusers for each side of the fixture.

The kinetic side is composed by a stepper motor, an inductive sensor for 0 crossing, and a slip-ring. A custom pcb with the motor driver and an esp32 microcontroller orchestrates everything.

It’s been many months of work to build all this, including the software development and of course the SC integration and the sequence creation!


Nice! Is the sequence creation a purely supercollider pattern and hand generated or are you using any of the new transmedia sequencers like ossia? Are the patterns aleatoric in nature?

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The sequence is done through our LFO modulation framework written in C++ with OpenFrameworks

We basically created visual nodes for each synthdef that we coded, where every single published parameter can be modulated with vectors of LFO data

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Amazing! Congratulations! I hope to be able to see/hear it in person one day!

there you can see the system in action, together with the 3D simulator running in Unity.

On the bottom structure -at the end of the video with a red panel on the back- you can see how the visual data feed the synthdef nodes and modulate its parameters

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Just… wow! I really wish i could experience this in person.

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This is great previz !
Always nice to see a little of the behind the scenes action. It makes the final experience a lot more fulfilling.

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