Silly Question about Synth-Def Files

Hey Community,
I trap in a wonderful Problem.
I would write a very complicated Synth(-Def).
And so as I like it to be complicated I’m a Capricorn accidental Computer-Ircorn :smile: :smiley: :smile:
My Code-Version of this Synth is larger as the Transmission Protocol from SuperCollider Language IDE to SC Server make permissible.
So the Error-Message is for me very helpful. In Because she show me a starting-point for a workaround of my Problem.
She said, I should try to put my Code in a so called Synth-Def File.
The only Problem is:
How to write such a File.

Or better:

  1. Need I’m only to put the Code in a txt File ( seriously with another File.extension ) or what is the way to transform the First ( The Code ) in the Second ( The Synth-Def File).

  2. How to execute the Loading of this File in my SC Server.

So I hope for a friendly willing Person who track me out of this Pit

Did you see this message?

WARNING: SynthDef temp__7 too big for sending. Retrying via synthdef file

Yes, exactly this is my Error-Message

No need to worry about this, it’s only a warning! Large synths can’t be sent over the network, so they are saved to disk and read back by the audio server. This is done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it (unless you’re controlling another SuperCollider running on a different computer).

The “size” limitation doesn’t necessarily have to do with how long your SynthDef is in text form - it’s related to how complex it is. If your SynthDef seems very short/simple but you’re still getting this warning, it may mean that you’re accidentally generating something more complex than you think (this is a common mistake…). Use postln, e.g. signal.postln, to print out pieces of your SynthDef and ensure you’re getting what you think you’re getting.

Oh Thanks scztt,
I have had understand I should send it.
It’s wonderful that SC do it for me :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
So now I have try it … it works … and I can hear my full Synth at Stereo

A wonderful happy