Sketch, No.2: Second Ambient Composition with SuperCollider

My second ambient composition with SuperCollider. I use the UGen ‘Pdefn’ to control the attack and release time for both ‘pad’ and ‘lead’ synths, also, I use it to control the LFO rate. I change the LFO signal from a triangle waveform to a pulse waveform, and back again. I do further effects processing in Logic Pro X. I hope you enjoy!


I recently started noticing that I have tinnitus, with the result that I’m becoming more and more interested in working on ambient pieces (with or without SC). So it’s great to see some ideas here, all very inspiring thanks.

BTW, @thedurf18 (Daniel?) if you could share the code at some point I’d be most interested.

Keep these ambient pieces coming (anyone) - joesh

Second Ambient Composition with SuperCollider - github link

Everything should be here to get you started. I do further effects processing in Logic Pro X to get the sound I got in the video.

I have mild tinnitus that comes and goes, so I don’t think it’s chronic. I think it’s related to inflammation from various things, like caffeine, anxiety, environment, my diet, etc. My heart goes out to all that struggle with it, I’m sorry you have to endure that. I know it can be difficult at times. It’s good you found ambient music to soothe.

Thanks for your reply, and of course “pleased to meet you”. Although this is not a tinnitus discussion forum (excuse the discussion SCs), I’m really into - at present - working on Ryoji Ikeda type music, which I find not only very intriguing, but strangely, also distracting from the constant high pitched whistle in my head/ears.

I’ll definitely check out the above link, thanks in advance.