Software paging with Modality?

So my current project for learning SC involves getting the most I can out of my Push 2. I’d spent the day yesterday coding up a set of MIDIdefs for handling the UI to get a feel for it and gain some experience, and was really happy to find Modailty when I started googling around for answers to questions I came up with during the day.

The end goal of integrating the push for me would involve being able to create pages, the obvious ones being the 64 pad keyboard for playing notes and another one that controls a grid type sequencer to start. I also think there could be a really neat implementation of the NI FM8 modulation matrix using the push, but that gets into some more detailed stuff about how to use the display…

I see modality has support for devices with hardware paging, ie: the MIDI messages being sent are different for each page, but the Push 2 doesn’t do this. I’m digging through the SC docs looking for some clues on how I would implement this so that I could toggle on a mode from the push with a midi message and have it map to a different MKtl description.

First hacky thought that comes to mind would be to map incoming messages to a new MIDI channel on the SC side, but that may be fiddly at best (if even possible).

Haven’t found a full answer yet (actually stuck at the moment getting the Push 2 note on/off events recognized) but this seems promising: