Solving Buffer UGen Channel Mismatch in a Pbind

Hi there -

I have made SynthDefs for both Mono and Stereo audio file playback.

I know I can use some kind of if Statement in SCLang to determine the buffer channel number and pick a synth based on that information.

I’m wondering if I could include something like that in the \instrument key of a Pbind - and how I might go about doing it.

Thank you for the help.

Given that \mono and \stereo are synthdefs and b is a buffer, you can do something like

Pdef(\test, Pbind(
	\instrument, Pif(Pfunc{b.numChannels == 1}, \mono, \stereo).trace

Might there be a way to key in the buffer value from another part of the Pbind?
Something like this doesn’t seem to update the values accordingly:

Pdef(\test, Pbind(
	\buf, b[10],
	\instrument, Pif(Pfunc{Pkey(\buf).numChannels == 1}, \mono, \stereo).trace

I modified the example from before, still presuming \mono and \stereo are synthdefs and b a buffer.

Pdef(\test, Pbind(
	\buf, b,
	\instrument, Pfunc{|ev|if (ev.buf.numChannels == 1) {\mono} {\stereo}}.trace